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Strikingly stylish

The location for a one-of-a-kind event

You are dreaming of a romantic wedding in a real palace? You are seeking an extraordinary location for your company
anniversary, for seminars or conferences? You are looking for a special location for a special birthday? 

Your dreams and wishes could come true very soon in the strikingly stylish ambiance of the city palace
of Lichtenfels. We’ll be sure to make your big day count.


Stadtschloss Lichtenfels
Stadtknechtsgasse 5
96215 Lichtenfels

Phone: +49 (0) 9571 785 0
Fax: +49 (0) 9571 700 65
E-Mail: info@kreier-gastro.de


Room size: 20 m x 15 m
Podium: 6 m x 4 m
Row seating: up to a maximum of 350 persons
Table seating: for 150 – 220 persons
Equipment: grand piano, microphones, loudspeakers, lectern, screen,
overhead projector 




Remarkably elegant

The ambiance for a special occasion

Impressive stones. Historic wooden beams paired with modern steel constructions. The banquet hall unites listed history made of stone and wood and shining modern constructions. It is this contrast that makes the atmosphere so unique and remarkable. A fascinating and elegant ambiance which becomes the dreamlike location for your special event.

Vividly historic

The monument with a long and varied history

Aristocratic estate. Summer residence for the prince bishops from Bamberg. Granary. Storehouse of a wine merchant. Drying room for herbs. Storehouse for wickerwork. Event and conference venue. The city palace “Stadtschloss Lichtenfels” looks back on a varied history.

The palace was established in 1555 and has been owned by the City of Lichtenfels since 1970. It was repaired completely and has been used as a vivid, cultural meeting place since 1991.

This historic building is full of charm and perfect for your event in a magical atmosphere.

Perfect service

Kreier Catering

You already have the perfect location for your event; what’s missing now is organisation and catering.  Kreier EventCatering takes care of both and makes sure that you can concentrate on your guests and enjoy your event to the full. 

Book your party with us and we’ll be sure to turn your gathering into a unique event. We look forward to it!

Here’s a small extract from our extensive range of catering menus:

  • salad
  • starters in many variations
  • meat & fish
  • game fish, fish from local farms
  • Franconian roast
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • seasonal dishes
  • sweet delicacies


The place with that special something

This place has it: that special something. Your event will be an unforgettable and charming experience for you and your guests in the stylish palace “Stadtschloss Lichtenfels”, which towers above the city.