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Discothek Romance

Parties in Lichtenfels

Disco Romance in Lichtenfels is probably one of the most ambitious cult clubs in Upper Franconia. It has been the party destination
for decades, and that is still the case. 

The legendary Romance House Night takes place once a month. It ranks among the most popular parties playing electronic music in the whole
Upper Franconian region. International top DJs such as Niels Van Gogh, David Puentez, Chris Montana, and Manuel Baccano set the Romance
on fire when they play their beats. You can also listen to the Romance House Night radio show on Radio Galaxy or the accompanying podcast. 

In addition to Romance House Night, Discothek Romance organises other parties with various themes as well. Black Music Night, 90s or
2000s parties, Ü25 Dance Night (for people over 25) are only a few of the numerous parties that have been celebrated here. 

Our unique Ladies Night has a long tradition. It has been the hangout in Upper Franconia since 1989.


Discothek Romance
Robert-Koch-Straße 14
96215 Lichtenfels

Phone: +49 (0)9571 78 50
Fax: +49 (0)9571 7 00 65
E-Mail: info@discothek-romance.de

Reservations: reservierung@discothek-romance.de



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